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Dr. Max Pharma is a leading Central European private label manufacturer

developing the full range of pharmaceutical products for Dr. Max Pharmacy chain

Reliability and scale
History of rapid expansion Global player with a local touch
Comprehensive distribution
Wide portfolio across all pharmaceutical product segment
Advanced capabilities
Centre of Excellence in product development Optimized in-house logistic operation
High ethical standards
The quality and responsibility commitment to our clients defines our expectations from our suppliers

Reliability and scale

History of rapid expansion

Dr. Max Pharma was established in 2011. Since then the company has demonstrated rapid and sustainable growth. While majority of our portfolio is represented by general Private Label products, we entered also highly sophisticated product segments like the OTC (2013) as well as Premium (2015) ones where we compete with globally established brands.

Although the initial Gx launch took place in 2016, significant growth has been observed in more recent years, particularly in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Number of SKUs | 1200*
*including product in development

Annual sales EUR 314,8 mio | 2023
No.1 Pharmaceutical producer in Czech Republic Source: IQVIA report, Czech Republic turnover, 2023
> 229 950 units sold daily Source: Dr. Max Pharma data Europe, units sold, 2023

Global player with a local touch

Dr. Max Pharma sources the raw materials and finished products globally. Significant number of our partners are located in Europe and Asia.

Comprehensive distribution

Global Wide portfolio
across all pharmaceutical product segments

FS54 %
MD17 %
OTC16 %
Cosmetics7 %
Food1 %
GX4 %
Other2 %

Dr. Max Group is owned
by Penta Investments

Dr. Max Group is fully owned by Penta Investments, an investment group operating in Europe, that has been involved in the healthcare industry since 2002, investing in health insurance, hospitals, outpatient clinics, pharmacies and laboratories. Dr. Max streams of business include pharmacies, wholesale and sales and marketing divisions.


Advanced capabilities

Centre of Excellence
is owned of product development


Our commitment to customers

Dr. Max quality logo represents
our promise to our consumers


Best value for money

Dr. Max Pharma private label complements the overall value-driven concept and strategy of the Dr. Max Pharmacy, at the centre of which are the customers and their needs. Therefore we commit to provide better healthcare experience through the best value-for-money promise delivered by high quality and competetive pricing.

Uncompromising quality

Raw materials and finished products are checked on several levels - by the manufacturer during the production process, and prior to release of the final product to the Dr. Max Pharmacy chain. Thus, the quality control of our products exceeds significantly the quality control standards defined by the regulation.

Production control

The individual process steps are carried out in cooperation with dependable partners. Since many of our suppliers certified for the production of pharmaceuticals, they meet the most demanding quality requirements.

Safe logistics

Products are distributed from the manufacturer through distribution channels that are used for medicines, whitch ensures safe handling of the products en route from the manufacturer to the pharmacy.

Professional care

The distribution through the pharmacy chain ensures the products are solely handled by trained and dedicated staff, who can also recommend a suitable product and indicate potential risk of inappropriate combinations of different products.

Categories covered by portfolio












The Gx portfolio spans across key
therapeutic areas:

  • Respiratory
  • Urology
  • Anti-inflammatory and Pain
  • Cardiovascular
  • Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Disorders

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